About Us

FECB is owned and managed by three family members who have spent their professional careers heavily involved in the hospitality industry, working their way up through the ranks in some of the country's best leading brands and working for established hospitality leaders. Five Elements is not only the name, but more the values and the approach that we believe in, of making the most of the resources available in the environment and simultaneously giving back to those around us.

Our aim is to provide excellence in customer service and to stock the most innovative and unique range of staple, specialist, fine and fresh products; tailored for the quality sector of the market. Alongside the array of culinary appreciation that is thriving in NZ are the people from all over the world helping drive this movement, who have made Aotearoa their home.

The team are proud to be New Zealanders crafting the cuisines of their roots with the highest quality and freshest local New Zealand ingredients. Sourced straight from the farms and various local sources which assure complete traceability of a product.

It is our mission to bring global flavours and cuisines to local residents from producers that have a commitment to being 100% NZ made, with a true unrivalled passion and dedication to their craft.

Proudly serving Toasted’s Terrain Blend

Toasted Coffee Roasters are a family owned, independent, specialty coffee roastery who have been supplying high quality coffee to cafes and restaurants around the country since 2001. Based on Auckland’s North Shore, Toasted roasts every batch of beans to exact profiles which are tasted daily to ensure that the coffee is always up to our high standards before it is shipped to the wonderful cafes and restaurants who love serving our coffee as much as we do.

Flavour Profile: Fruity Floral Notes, Smooth, Bright Acidity
Origins: Colombia, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea
Process: All washed coffee

About the Blend:

  • Organic, from the natural, un-polluted, clean, beautiful earth.
  • It’s all about the Terrain, if you will.
  • Our Terrain blend is entirely fair trade organic beans.
  • Fair-trade and organic are certifications that do a couple of different things…
  • Organic certification covers the entire process and handling of the product from growing, milling, shipping, roasting and packing processes to make sure no untoward chemicals are part of the coffee’s journey.
  • Fair-trade provides farmers a guaranteed minimum price for their coffee, and a premium on any movement above that.